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Using behaviour change to drive down demand
Using behaviour change to drive down demand 11.00 am - 5.00 pm
14 November 2019

There is no bigger threat facing the sustainability of local government than rising demand. Councils across the country have recognised this challenge and are responding in diverse ways. Interventions range from small scale adaptations to major community-wide initiatives, but at their heart they share the same goal of changing user and resident behaviour.

Recruiting and Skilling the Workforce of the Future
Recruiting and Skilling the Workforce of the Future 11.00 am - 4.00 pm
December 2019

Recruiting the right people with the right skills, values and behaviours is fundamental to the success of a council. Many councils are now experimenting with different approaches to recruitment and training as a way of transforming culture and practices. Hear at this session about which of these approaches work best and what role they can […]

Current Research

Inclusive Growth in Practice
Inclusive Growth in Practice

New Local Government Network (NLGN), in partnership with Barrow Cadbury Trust, is working on a project to identify the opportunities for, and barriers to, local authorities in England delivering inclusive growth. It will explore what resources and levers already exist that can influence inclusive growth, and outline the range of actions and measures local authorities […]


The NLGN Leadership Index is for chief executives, mayors and leaders of local authorities in the UK and is designed to present a unique barometer of the UK’s economic health and well-being.