Research Project

Strategic Partnering for Local Service Delivery


By Enid Allen, Lord Filkin and John Williams (2001)

Foreword by Rt. Hon. Nick Raynsford MP
Minister for Local Government & The Regions

In the current heat of opinion concerning the future of the public services, this report reveals the extent to which some localities are ahead of the debate.

Profiling ten specific cases of public-private and public-voluntary partnerships, the report explores all aspects of such partnerships including conception, definition, contract, delivery of targets and the lessons apparent for future best policy and practice. Based on detailed research, the report observes how the methods of procurement and management involved in bringing about strategic partnerships have led to the development of new skill-sets among public sector professionals.

In revealing that partnerships on this scale will only continue to work as long as competitive supply markets exist, giving councils real choice and ensuring that innovation and improvement are part of market development, the report identifies the nature of support required from central government to ensure continued delivery of Best Value.

‘Strategic Partnering for Local Service Delivery’
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