NLGN to establish ‘Mayoral Forum’
4 October, 2002

Independent think-tank NLGN has announced that it is setting up a Mayoral Forum to offer practical support to the UK’s initial group of directly elected mayors.

The forum will involve:

  • The development of key relationships between mayors, chief executives, other senior officers and key agencies.
  • Responding to needs and requirements arising from regular discussions on policy and strategy.

  • ‘Action learning’ through collective visits by the mayors to other authorities, and visits from foreign mayors.

NLGN’s Executive Director, Dan Corry said today:

“Having long been closely associated with the mayoral agenda, our attention is now firmly focused on how the mayors are performing as part of the reality of local government. Through evidence-based research, our aim is that the forum becomes the UK’s mayoral centre of expertise”.

The work of the forum will be led at NLGN by Anna Randle, Head of Organisation and who previously co-ordinated the think-tank’s mayoral campaigns programme.

General NLGN enquiries to Ian Parker – 020 7357 0116

For further details about the Mayoral Forum – Anna Randle 020 7357 0472

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