NLGN Chief Corry calls on voluntary sector to prove its role in helping to deliver local services
15 July, 2003

Dan Corry, director of the New Local Government Network think-tank has told a gathering of voluntary and community sector staff that their organisations must prove that they really can help local government deliver local services, and also highlighted how forcing deals between the two sectors is the wrong way forward.

Speaking at an NCVO conference Local delivery: real impact, Mr. Corry said:

“The great thing about the voluntary and community sector is that many of you are on the ground are working closely with clients, understanding their needs. Innovation is also more likely, working as you do as small and flexible bodies operating within niche markets. Nevertheless, you must show you really are connected to local communities and that you understand the need to join up service delivery. Only then will local government see the key role you can play in the delivery of local services.”

Yet Mr Corry also warned the audience against trying to pressure local government into deals with the voluntary sector – following a recent NCVO policy paper which suggested that evidence of such collaboration should become a new criteria for achieving a top rating in CPA:

“Local government won’t do what it’s told – the experiences of CCT remind us of this. Moreover, forcing someone to do something is not the best basis for a partnership – shotgun weddings very rarely work”.

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Editors notes:
The New Local Government Network is an independent think-tank, seeking to transform public services, revitalise local political leadership and empower local communities.

The NCVO-hosted conference Local delivery: real impact took place in central London on Friday 11 July.