NLGN director Corry tells voluntary sector to “grasp the nettle” and play key role in new localism agenda
19 May, 2003

Dan Corry, the director of the New Local Government Network has today told an audience of voluntary and community sector staff that they must “grasp the nettle” and seriously engage with Government policies geared towards devolving greater freedoms and resources to local authorities.

Speaking at an NCVO conference Voluntary action and the future of public services, Mr. Corry outlined the potential impact of the new localism agenda on voluntary and community groups and their relationship with central and local government, remarking:

    “As the Government encourages local authorities to take on a greater community leadership role, we should not forget the vital role played by voluntary sector and smaller community-based bodies in particular, in contributing innovative tailored local solutions to match local problems.”

    “With local innovation and access to services high on the list of priorities for empowering all our communities, the voluntary sector ought to benefit from ‘new localism’. But this is not a foregone conclusion, not least given the history of local government/voluntary sector relations. That’s why it is important that the voluntary sector grasps the nettle that the new localism agenda offers”.

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Editors notes:
The New Local Government Network is an independent think-tank, seeking to transform public services, revitalise local political leadership and empower local communities.

The NCVO-hosted conference Voluntary action and the future of public services took place in central London on Monday 19 May.