Research Project

New Localism in Action

The New Local Government Network has been a key protagonist in debates about the way we deliver our public services and govern ourselves. Advocating ‘New Localism’, we have long stated that decision-making should be as close to the user as possible, that the ‘joining-up’ agenda happens more easily at such levels and that clear accountability, efficiency and engagement are much more likely to be achieved when this is the case. But we have also been clear that in almost all services there will be significant roles for different tiers of governance.

The primary question has to be whether major changes to our centralised state would lead to better outcomes for citizens. What opportunities and challenges would be presented by moves to decentralise decision-making across a range of policy areas, namely transport, education, the tackling of anti-social behaviour and housing for sustainable communities? New Localism in Action is an NLGN collection of essays focussing both on the key issues affecting each of these policy areas and on the implications of moves to devolve decision-making.

The report is the ninth in NLGN’s ‘Delivering Change’ series, which aims to help senior officers and elected members learn from practical evidence of change to respond positively to the local government modernisation agenda.

NLIA Foreword and Intro.pdf