Research Project

New Ways to Modernise

Many local authorities are already modernisers and have great stories to tell. They use partnerships to help them on their way. They work closely with the private, public and voluntary and community sectors to achieve better outcomes for their communities. It is both right and timely to make the experiences of what works and delivers improvement and modernisation heard.

New Ways to Modernise is the outcome of a major year long study. The report considers the different experiences of 24 local authorities, many of them in partnership with others. In each case, the authorities involved are delivering on aspects of the modernisation agendas, some of them old, others new, but all of them relevant.

The report is the tenth in NLGN’s ‘Delivering Change’ series, which aims to help senior officers and elected members learn from practical evidence of change to respond positively to the local government modernisation agenda.

NW2M Chapter 1,2 & 3.pdf