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Lords reform for a purpose: power to the many, not the few
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Lords Reform for a Purpose
The House of Lords should be reformed on a regional basis through a local government electoral college to make it more accountable to the public. This Policy Briefing, Lords reform for a purpose advocates a localist foundation for the House of Lords, with the majority of a new Second Chamber comprised of regional representatives reflecting the party vote share in a General Election.

It advocates:

  • A large proportion of a new Second Chamber comprised of perhaps two-thirds of regional representatives, selected by an electoral college of elected local councillors in that region;
  • Seats would be apportioned to mirror the share of the vote achieved by each political party at a General Election;
  • Maintaining the primacy of the House of Commons but making the Second Chamber more relevant by giving it a devolved dimension

Under NLGN’s proposals, had the system been in place at the 2005 General Election, Labour councillors would have nominated 168 seats, followed by Conservative councillors nominating 151 and Liberal Democrats nominating 105.
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Publication Date: 7 December 2006
Authored by: NLGN