Research Project

Mayors making a difference

With a resurgence in support for directly elected mayors as a way of running UK local authorities, the dozen already in post provide a small but useful sample through which to learn about the impact of the model. The New Local Government Network has long followed the progress of the agenda for almost a decade, and in recent years worked closely with those authorities that went down the mayoral route.

Mayors Making a Difference includes essays from six of the mayors, along with a foreword from the only current city mayor outside of London, and some fresh evidence-based analysis from NLGN.

The collection examines how mayoral governance has made a difference locally, covering a range of areas from the impact of mayors on public engagement to their ability to attract inward investment and promote economic development. It also considers the future of the model and what lessons might be applied to a system of directly elected cabinets, and also city region arrangements.