IN Seminar: Democratic accountability & the Police

The Coalition Government has laid out plans in its’ consultation document “Policing in the 21st Century” to increase police democratic accountability through directly elected Police Commissioners. While much remains unclear about the forthcoming legislation, it is certain that such reforms will have an impact on the role of local authorities and community safety partnerships in crime prevention and tackling anti social behaviour.

The event will examine the different options for making the police more locally and democratically accountable, and will analyse what impact the reforms proposed in the coalition’s consultation document are likely to have. We will also examine how the current and future UK systems compare with those of the United States. Through discussion we will also seek to explore the possible fragmentation of democracy these reforms could entail, the way they will affect partnership working, community engagement, and local accountability and democracy.

Confirmed speakers include:
John Graham, Director, Police Foundation
Jessica De Grazia, Managing Director, De Grazia Associates Ltd