Libraries and community assets: ripping up the rule book

kindly supported by May Gurney

What could a future library service look like in 2015 and beyond?

With major budget reductions, many local authorities are now looking for radically new ways to deliver their services.

Libraries and cultural services are facing some of the most drastic budget reductions across local government. The Big Society agenda and the ‘Right to Buy’ are seeing interest develop in how communities can be encouraged to take on responsibilities for local community assets and cultural services.

This research event will bring together a range of senior council staff, providers, social entrepreneurs, innovators, community groups, cultural service experts, community groups, academics and service designers. It will test how emerging best practice could be developed further to imagine the next generation of local library services and define a new role for community assets.

The aim will be to develop a series of radical future scenario case studies for how library services could be delivered in the future and how community assets could be used and managed.

Join us at this interactive session to discuss the following key questions:

  • What will communities want from their local library services in ten years time?
  • How could local community services, hubs and facilities be managed in an era of budget cuts? What new functions could community assets and facilities play in the future and how could they be managed?
  • How can communities be encouraged to take on new responsibilities in running community facilities or working in partnership with public, private or social enterprises?
  • What role can technology and social media play in facilitating a new service?