Local Environment Services: ripping up the rule book

What could a future environment service look like in 2015 and beyond?

Local government stands on the verge of immense change. Since the election, the policy environment has undergone a revolution. With major budget reductions, many local authorities are now looking for radically new ways to deliver their services.

This interactive research event will bring together a range of council staff, providers, social enterprises, innovators, environmental stakeholders, community groups, academics and service designers. It will test how emerging best practice and ideas in local environmental services could be developed further to radically re-imagine the next generation of streetscene and waste services.

The aim will be to develop a series of radical future scenario case studies for how local environment services could be delivered in the future.

Key questions include:

What tactics can be deployed by the private and public sectors to shift behaviours amongst residents and businesses?

How can councils develop and build on public and social activism to improve the way services are delivered and to manage demand?

How can councils work with social enterprises and other innovative delivery vehicles to reinvent local environment services and drive new efficiencies?

What new forms of communication and interaction can be opened up to assist enforcement and develop community buy-in?