Local Transportation Services: Ripping up the rule book

kindly supported by May Gurney
event kindly hosted by Newcastle City Council

What could a future transport service look like in 2015 and beyond?

Local government stands on the verge of immense change. Since the election, the policy environment has undergone a revolution. With major budget reductions, many local authorities are now looking for radically new ways to deliver their transport services.

Join us for this interactive research event which will bring together a range of council staff, planners, providers, innovators, academics and service designers. It will test how emerging best practice and ideas could be developed further to radically re-imagine the next generation of local transport services.

The aim will be to develop a series of radical but credible future scenario case studies of local transport services.

Key questions the event will address include:

  • How would forward-looking councils and providers seek to involve communities in the next generation of decisions on transport infrastructure and provision?
  • What forms of alternative provision such as electronic communications and social media could alleviate the strain on and the cost of traditional transportation?
  • How can councils make use of behaviour change techniques to reduce costs and respond to environmental challenges?
  • How could the future market of provision of transport services evolve with mutuals, social enterprises and innovative joint delivery vehicles?