NLGN Research Seminar – Civic Society, Local Authorities and the Big Society – London

Kindly supported by Voluntary Sector North West and Vertex

The Big Society, the Government’s blueprint for resolving many of the problems facing Britain, is an ambitious agenda designed to build a society based around social responsibility and community action. This would be achieved through giving communities more powers, encouraging people to play an active part, transferring powers from the centre to local government, and supporting co-ops, mutuals, charities, and social enterprise.

Questions remain as to how this can be implemented in practice, especially considering the current budgetary pressures. We seek to identify which service areas are most conducive to the Big Society, how traditional service provision can be replaced or complemented by volunteers, social entrepreneurs, and charities, how such schemes will be financed, and how effective yet unobtrusive safeguards can be put in place.

This Research Seminar will focus on the relationship between local government and the third/private sector, and how this affects issues as commissioning, de-commissioning, asset transfers, liability, risk management, and accountability.

Delegates will hear short presentations from speakers, before taking part in in-depth discussion work. The audience will consist of key local government representatives and a range of other partners.

Invited speakers include:
Neil O’Connor, Director, Communities & Neighbourhoods, CLG
Ian Birnbaum, Strategic Director, London Borough of Sutton