NLGN says concerns remain on Enterprise Zones’ ability to deliver longer-term national growth
17 August, 2011

NLGN Media Comment

In response to today’s Government announcement confirming new Enterprise Zone locations, localism think tank the New Local Government Network (NLGN) Head of Research Paula Lucci said:

“The unanswered question remains how Enterprise Zones will contribute to longer-term national growth rather than simply offering a short, sharp boost to specific areas”

“We welcome ministers’ emphasis on creating incentives for local areas to drive growth but Enterprise Zones are only one ingredient of this. Some of the worries raised by previous experiences remain, particularly around displacement of economic activity and job creation”

“We need to put in place long-term solutions that incorporate not just Enterprise Zones, but Local Enterprise Partnerships, business rate localisation and more. This means moving beyond immediate and understandable concerns about cash, and should include a focus on issues such as skills and infrastructure”