Research seminar – Future of Social Care Commissioning

This seminar will focus on developing new mechanisms and principles to support local councils in providing and procuring social care services.

Social care provision faces a deeply challenging future. The escalating demand for social care services as well as public spending cuts will put a huge strain on councils in the next 20 years. In order to cut costs and improve outcomes, local authorities will need to redesign their commissioning models and scale up innovative practices. The initial research will focus on the future of commissioning for users with learning disability with a later report covering all user groups.

This event will bring together a range of senior local government practitioners, academics, charities and providers. It will provide an early opportunity to discuss the initial findings from this research, engage in high level discussion with colleagues in the field and input into the report. The session starts with a number of presentations followed by discussion work. Key questions include:

  • How can personal budgets be scaled up to ensure services meet user demand? Is the 2013 goal of universal personal budgets realistic?
  • How can councils play an active role in an increasingly consumerised, choice based and fragmented marketplace? What new market management techniques do local authorities need to adopt to ensure innovation and improved quality standards?
  • How can early intervention techniques be encouraged to reduce costs of acute care downstream in services such as learning disability and what commissioning techniques need to be in place for these practices to emerge?