Revitalising Local Democracy debate

Since the breaking of the expenses scandal in 2009 the normal conventions of democratic discourse and process have been greatly opened to public scrutiny. From the TV debates in the 2010 General Election, to the formation of a coalition government right through to the AV Referendum there are understandably new questions that have sprung up and old ones that have re-emerged.

NLGN is hosting this event to further the discussion around the nature of our democracy and provide an open platform for the frank exchange of ideas and opinions on how we take the next steps in reforming our democracy.

Key questions we anticipate to be covered include amongst others;

  • New mechanisms to enhance engagement – should things like the power of recall be brought into practice?
  • The role of politicians – are our politicians, both local and national, performing a role the public understands or finds useful?
  • Direct democracy – how far should this encroach on existing democratic structures and processes?

Confirmed speakers include:
Vernon Bogdanor, research professor at the Institute of Contemporary History, King’s College London
Douglas Carswell, MP for Clacton
Cllr Peter John, Leader, London Borough of Southwark