A balancing act: meeting the needs of the millennials and the baby boomers in 2020

“Irritated, tired and anxious”, the millennials are highly ambitious, social media savvy, mobile and will make up 46% of the workforce by 2020.They are also less likely to own a house, have savings and will be required to bear the burden of the rising health and social care costs of the baby boomers. In the next 10-15 years, they will also be our MPs, Councillors and voters. By 2020, to what extent will this cause a tension between generation Y and our senior citizens and how will this play out in national and local politics?

Speakers include Cllr Jack Hopkins, London Borough of Lambeth and Sandra Whiles, Chief Executive, Blaby District Council

To attend this lunch please email rsvp@nlgn.org.uk