Future Councillors

With Councillors increasingly making choices on which frontline services to retain, which to cut and which can be transformed, strong leadership is required over the coming year.

This two day programme aims to support councillors in rising to this leadership challenge and generating fresh ideas. Combining research and training, we are offering to elected members a unique opportunity to develop their plans while working alongside the NLGN team and other experts. These seminars will allow you to understand what the new markers of success for a Councillor will look like. Day one on 19th January 2013 is a ‘futures day’ where the group will work to understand and sketch out the different types of new Councillor local government requires. Day two on 9th February 2013 is a ‘proposition day’ where we will offer members the opportunity to map out and test the range of new roles and skills needed.

More information on the day can be found here.

We would be pleased to welcome councillors to both days of this free event. Please email rsvp@nlgn.org.uk for booking information.