Future Policy Series – Managing Innovation

In partnership with the Innovation Unit

Whilst we often talk about innovation, very few understand how you actually do it. This interactive session is designed to help you understand how you craft processes and structures to incubate and accelerate innovation in your organisation.

Key questions we’ll be answering at this session include;

i) Can creativity really make or break an organisation?
ii) How do organisations get the creative juices flowing?
iii) What drives innovation and what factors stop it in its tracks?

This session will provide all attendees with a helpful resource that can be taken back to your organisation and provide a framework for thinking about innovation that delivers different, better, lower cost services. This resource will help you to understand the type and sequence of work that is likely to generate most impact as well as the organisational conditions needed to support its success.

About the Future Policy Series
The NLGN Future Policy Series gathers policy leaders in local authorities to engage in and help shape national policy discussions and to create a space where shared policy learning and individual development can flourish. In keeping with the theme of Future Policy this is a collaborative session and seeks to put our partners into more unconventional event formats to provoke a more challenging discussion.

This event is for NLGN member organisations only. If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Jenna Collins at jcollins@nlgn.org.uk.