NLGN Workshop: Society at Risk

Supported by Zurich Municipal as part of the Society at Risk project
Zurich Municipal

The immediate impact of the downturn is apparent, but the implications for the medium term are far from clear. Long-standing social trends towards disengagement and disaffection, particularly among the young, combined with the reduced capacity of civil society and the state presents a range of potential risks for society and local government. Although there has been much discussion of the causes of the “lost generation”, far less has been said about the consequences for the citizen/state relationship in the next ten years.

This seminar will aim to identify the most significant risks the current generation presents for society, analyse their likelihood and impact to create a definitive risk register for local communities and their public services.

By attending this seminar, delegates will have an opportunity to learn about the trends in values of 16-25 year olds and discuss how these trends might impact on the future of local government service provision.

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