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State of the Local Nation: Perspectives of the local government market
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The local government market is changing. With further significant budget cuts in the pipeline, local government is reaching a point where salami-slicing costs is no longer enough. Business as usual is
neither enough nor sustainable. Equally, the private sector is also at a point where it needs to bring new ideas and business models to the table.

This essay collection is a continuation of NLGN’s work in this area; understanding how local government and the private sector can work better together and facilitating that dialogue. There are some great examples of initiatives already in place that showcase the potential of excellent partnerships and innovative thinking to deliver great services, engage communities and support local economic growth. But there is still work to be done.

Authors include:

Kevin Lavery, Chief Executive, Cornwall County Council
Manjeet Gill, Chief Executive, West Lindsey District Council
Will Harman and Karen Cherrett, Sourcing and Sector Partners, PA Consulting Group
Mervyn Greer, Director, Kier
Neil Prior, Head of Local Government, O2

Publication Date: 7 September 2012
Authored by: An Essay Collection