Investing for 21st Century Assets research seminar

Times are tight and councils are struggling to marshal the resources to continue to serve and support their communities. In the current economic climate and following cuts in central grant funding, local authorities are looking for new and sustainable sources of revenue.

Generating income is about more than increasing waste collection and parking charges. Councils must reconfigure their existing asset base in order to capture maximum value and reinvest in the development of new assets that unlock ‘additional’ revenue streams. And a 21st century approach to assets will look beyond the current Capital and Assets Pathfinder programme. It requires councils to manage a cultural shift towards creative commerciality whilst still operating in the public interest. New incentives and organisational models will be required if local government is to create an asset base fit for the 21st century?

In May and June we are holding three working meetings on different asset classes. These round tables will be used to generate new ideas and opportunity areas.

The first round table will focus on transport assets and is scheduled to take place at 2 – 4pm on 22nd May in central London.

If you are interested in attending this event or would like more information on the project please contact Joe Manning, lead researcher on the project at