A ‘Young’ Recovery – How does London match up its potential workforce with potential jobs?

NLGN’s roundtable exploring the ways in which local authorities in London and the South East can coordinate economic growth in a way that doesn’t leave its young people behind.

Where in other parts of the UK the lack of jobs is a main cause of youth unemployment, this is not so much the case in the south east and the capital. London is not in a recession; there are jobs to be had. We hope that this discussion will kick-start an interesting debate and spark some new ideas about the ways in which local authorities and business can together help reduce youth unemployment in the region.

We will be joined by Lela Kogbara, the Assistant Chief Executive at London Borough of Islington, who will share with us some of the ways in which Islington have tried to tackle this issue.

To reserve a place at this event please email rsvp@nlgn.org.uk