Design in local gov? Radical approaches to a new generation of local public services

Seminar hosted by NLGN and APDIG

We know that most local authorities are already planning for a very different future, and service redesign and transformation is in most cases already underway. NLGN has sketched out future scenarios for local government, most recently in Gaming the Cuts. Meanwhile, a recent parliamentary inquiry by APDIG, Restarting Britain 2, outlined a number of design tools that could help local government continue to be fit for purpose. Building on this evidence, and bringing it together, this ‘Newsnight style’ event will address how councils are already redesigning services to meet future need.

Chaired by Barry Quirk, Chief Executive, London Borough of Lewisham

Julie Fisher, Strategic Director for Business Services, Surrey County Council
Joe Ferry, Head of Brand Experience at Vertu, previously Head of Design at Virgin Atlantic
Claire Webb, Founder of Cinnamon Bubble, formerly Head of Policy at Southwark Council

Coinciding with the London Design Festival 2013, this event will bring together 30-40 local government executives, service designers, policymakers and relevant stakeholders from the design and creative industries.

photo credit: Jeff Van Campen