Digital places: where we are and where we are going – Navigating local government’s technology road map

with Tata Consultancy Services kindly hosted by Birmingham City Council

Whichever way local government grapples with budget reductions, it is clear that for the majority of councils, digital innovation will be at the heart of it. The role of technology is destined to become even more central to the way local government works and engages with citizens.

Yet despite a seemingly ‘digital by default’ future for local government, few local authorities have the digital strategies in place to steer them down the digitalization path.

The role of technology will be pivotal in helping councils address some of the biggest challenges around smart infrastructure, customer contact and demand management. What strategies successfully combine these strands to map out the digital future of the council? What will a digitally-enabled council of the future look like?

This roundtable will:

  • Take stock of where councils are on the “technology road map”.
  • Invite Cities who have been part of the Technology Strategy Board Future Cities Catapult initiative to share their experiences and how they plan to take their demonstrator ideas forward.
  • Explore the short and medium term priorities of local authorities and how these will shape the future role of technology in their organisations and places.
Bringing together around 15 senior local government officers and private sector executives, this roundtable will give attendees the opportunity to share learning and discuss this issue with peers in a Chatham House rule environment. Speakers tbc nearer the time.

photo credit: ebayink