Health and Social Care: Making integration work in unprecedented circumstances

NLGN and PA Consulting Group are producing a new event on breaking fresh ground in health and social care integration by avoiding the failures of previous integration initiatives. This event will be an essential guide for those involved in shaping the future of adult social care during the huge changes of 2013. It will bring together representatives from across local government, the health sector, voluntary sector stakeholders and private sector providers to discuss the scale of the challenge with the aim of myth busting common errors and sharing what actually works.

Confirmed speakers already include:
Ian Winter, Deputy Director of Social Care and Partnerships, Department of Health
Jim Graham, Chief Executive, Warwickshire County Council
Niall Bolger, Chief Executive, London Borough of Sutton
Nick Bell, Chief Executive, Staffordshire County Council
Neil Prior, Head of the Local Government Futures Forum, O2

The days discussion will honestly assess how public engagement can be improved in the face of public disinterest, why partnership working needs to be systematically rethought and how to best cope with a situation where not every partner gets the outcome they need. The debates will contain a particular focus on adults with complex needs and the latest insights into how Health and Wellbeing boards can deliver on their promises.

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