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If I could change one thing in local government…
2 July, 2013

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NLGN has produced a new journal specifically for the LGA Conference. Whilst there will always be an appetite for new ideas, it is not for the lack of them that local government is still facing huge challenges. Rather it is the pace of change that is exacerbating things. We are moving too slowly. Both public and private are locked into a symbiotic relationship that is forming a vicious circle. The public sector is still unable to clearly articulate its needs and the private sector is largely unwilling to transfigure its profit model.

We invited a selection of NLGN members to contribute their thinking. Deliberately we chose a question to focus the mind. To zero in on a single alteration that one could make to effect change. So this year, we’ve asked the best and brightest from the NLGN network to answer the question: ‘If you could change one thing in local government, what would it be and why?

Publication Date: 2 July 2013
Authored by: 16 NLGN members