Smarter cities – What’s possible and where does local government fit in?

“Smarter cities” is a concept that is often spoken about amongst large IT firms and in academic circles, but how can we bring the concept of smart cities from the abstract to the practical? What does a smarter city (or a smarter borough) look like and what do councils need to do to make it happen?

Raj Mack, Head of Digital Birmingham at Birmingham City Council and James Trotter, Head of Business Development at Amey, will kick off the discussion and discuss how Birmingham, as one of the UK’s largest cities, has already made headway in bringing the smarter city concept to life.

Raj and James will then share what they have achieved, how they got there and what’s next, as well as reflecting on the role of partnerships in setting and working towards a smarter vision for the city.

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photo credit: Chuckumentary