The Governance of Commissioning

As more councils put commissioning arrangements in place, consistent principles and models are emerging. At the same time, some aspects need further clarification and development. Amongst these is how best to support and involve elected Members in commissioning. This is also part of a wider shift in the changing role of elected members; elected to govern and yet, as councils change, councillors are required to be more visionary intervene less in how services are delivered.

Focusing on commissioning, this roundtable will explore how councillors, officers and providers alike are adapting to the new relationship between the services and elected members including:

  • The extent of, and mechanisms for, Member involvement in specific commissioning exercises
  • The governance of complex commissioning and delivery arrangements involving multiple commissioners; contracted providers and community providers
  • Reconciling the accountability of the individual Member to Ward / Divisional electors and to the Local Authority as a strategic body.

photo credit: Jsome1