Briefing breakfast

You’re hired: Lessons from Ealing Council’s pre-apprenticeship programme

Organised with Ealing Council

The number of young people not in employment, education or training has risen significantly over the last decade. But while apprenticeships have a firm place in many councils, to make a significant dent in our youth unemployment we need to raise the profile of pre-apprenticeships as well.

Established in 2011, Ealing Pathways pre-apprenticeship programme has a simple premise: young people ready to take the next step into training and employment, but who would benefit from some additional support and guidance, receive practical experience, guidance and training to help them achieve their goal – a positive destination by the end of the programme.

Coinciding with the culmination of Ealing Council’s 100 Apprenticeships in 100 Days campaign, this event will provide an opportunity for councils and interested stakeholders to hear more about pre-apprenticeships and discuss over a light breakfast:

  • What has Ealing Council done and why has it been so successful? What were the challenges involved?
  • How can other councils and interested stakeholders apply this model to their own apprenticeship programmes?

    This event will bring together 15-20 local government executives and relevant stakeholders from the voluntary and community sector.

    photo credit: Chris Owens