Dialogue Session

Community Budgets: developing new models – MANCHESTER

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Community Budgets and service integration are among the most exciting developments in the current local government and public sector landscape. The four whole place pilots have demonstrated that there are potential savings of up to £20.6bn to be had from integrating services in areas ranging from health and social care to families with complex needs and worklessness.

But ministers have made it clear that they expect councils to take the lead in striking local deals for integration. Making DIY community budgets happen will necessarily require new forms of place-based partnership with other parts of the public sector, as well as business and the voluntary sector.

In this workshop we give feedback on our service integration survey as well as hearing about possible new models for service integration. These dialogue sessions will bring senior stakeholders from the public and private sectors together to develop new approaches to service integration and provide outline models for DIY community budgets. This work will also feed into a research project of NLGN’s which will be launched in the autumn.