Publication Launch

Dealing with Local Ethnic Inequalities

With the Runnymede Trust:

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Join NLGN in partnership with the Runnymede Trust to launch their latest report Dealing with Local Ethnic Inequalities on Wednesday 3rd December at Hub Westminster. The launch will be addressed by Stephen Williams MPMinister for Integration and Race Inequality.

Ethnic minorities are more likely to live in urban areas, and are still more likely to experience inequalities in many aspects of their day to day lives. It is increasingly understood that different ethnic groups have different experiences, but local variation is less widely understood.

The Runnymede trust’s latest research explains the nature of ethnic inequalities in four domains – education, employment, housing and health – for every local authority in England and Wales and shows which areas are doing well, and which need greater improvement in terms of ethnic minority outcomes. The research reveals interesting differences in otherwise similar areas, and also in non-urban areas where relatively few ethnic minorities are thought to live. The report will argue that these differences suggest local authorities should learn from and collaborate with each other more to ensure the next generation of ethnic minority Britons have more equal outcomes, wherever they live.

Join NLGN & the Runnymede trust as we launch this invaluable research and discuss the key findings with contributions from Omar Khan, Director, Runnymede Trust, Cllr Joe Goldberg, Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Social Inclusion and Sustainability, London Borough of Haringey and Rita Chadha, Chief Executive Officer, Refugee & Migrant Forum of Essex and London.