Report Launch

The DIY Ethic: Business models for community integration

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Integration is gaining popularity in local government. It promises better outcomes as well as significant financial savings both in local government and across the public sector. Government is backing a do-it-yourself model of change, which encourages local areas themselves to take forward their own plans for integration; making deals with partners locally, rather than relying on a central government mandate.

Places are grappling with cultural challenges such as leadership and relationships, which make integrating services difficult. But they are also faced with quite practical challenges in operationalising integration. The final piece of the jigsaw involves developing a new generation of business models, which give partners clarity on how to share revenues and savings and arrange governance on the ground.

Places need business models in order to make deals for integration locally. They bring clarity to relationships, organise how money flows through the system and establish structures to ensure the resilience of the partnership over time. If areas are to integrate successfully they need make choices around financial models and delivery mechanisms in order to develop their own appropriate business models and operationalise integration.

This work starts to set out why business models matter and identifies and explores models that will help councils operationalise integration. While the future of integration is understood but untested, this research offer practical steps on how we can get there.

Join NLGN as we launch the report and discuss the key findings with Report Author, Head of Policy and Research Laura Wilkes.

Local Government Minister Kris Hopkins MP will give a keynote speech in response to the findings.

This will be followed by a panel discussion with speakers Laura Wilkes, Robyn Fairman, Head of Strategy at London Borough of Lewisham, Jim Bligh, Head of Public Service Reform at the CBI, Neil Eusden, Managing Director of Pinnacle PSG.