MARKET SHAPING: Councils influencing the private sector for public value

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In recent years, it has become clear that many businesses and local economic markets are failing to meet social needs. Supply is not always meeting demand, and some private sector markets are leading to damaging outcomes for society which the state is paying to fix. In the context of an increasing reliance on economic markets to supply our goods and services, and councils’ need to focus on prevention, it has become clear that we need to take a new look at the role of councils in influencing businesses.

Our new research argues that councils need to rethink their normal approaches to influencing markets and both the report and the launch event will highlight examples of councils who are doing just this. It will outline the wide range of tools councils could use more creatively and effectively, as well as rationales justifying different sorts of interventions.

This event is relevant to professionals in public health, energy and sustainability, policy and strategy, economic development, environmental services, procurement, licensing and planning.

The launch will feature a presentation of the report’s key findings by Maia Beresford, Researcher at NLGN and author of the report and a panel discussion featuring key stakeholders in this area including:

Paul O’Brien
Chief Executive, APSE

Councillor Roy Gladden
Assistant Cabinet Member for Adult Health and Social Care and Cancer Champion, Liverpool City Council

Councillor Stewart Stacey
Cabinet Member for Commissioning, Contracting and Improvement, Birmingham City Council

John Harrison
Executive Director, Resources at Peterborough City Council; Managing Director at Blue Sky Peterborough Limited

Other representatives from the case study areas featured in the report.

All attendees will receive a free copy of the report and refreshments will be provided.