New approaches to assets

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Economic growth is at the forefront of local government’s agenda like never before. Councils are spending record amounts of capital to jumpstart ailing cities and towns and drive the creation of sustainable jobs.

Some have started to take a more creative approach to their own asset base, asking how they can move beyond simply selling the family silver to using their land and buildings for prosperity. From turning unused offices into start-up hubs and unlocking land for housing to using property as the basis for asset-backed vehicles, new approaches are emerging across the country.

How are leading-edge authorities making the most of their assets to generate jobs and growth? Where are the best examples of successful practice and how can they be unlocked by smart use of private sector investment? This roundtable will showcase innovation from councils who are leading on this agenda and will be an open space for discussion about the future use of assets from councils at all stages of their journey.

We would hold this event in Central London and expect an attendance of 15 – 20 people and will produce a report coming from the event to outline the learning and ideas for future innovation.

photo credit: paul bica