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The DIY Ethic: Business models for community integration
17 September, 2014

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This research outlines a clear pathway to an integrated future for public services. A new report from NLGN in association with the CBI and Pinnacle PSG has outlined business models that councils can adopt to help them work towards integration.

The DIY Ethic: Business Models for Community Integration written by NLGN’s Head of Policy and Research Laura Wilkes offers practical assistance for all councils who wish to pursue integration of their services but are unsure how to go about it.

Key findings in the report are that councils should rapidly test new business models, start small and develop models at a neighbourhood level that can be built upon. Councils and their partners will also need to develop a joint approach to managing risk.

Report author Laura Wilkes said:

“Councils have long seen integration of services as their future, but too many were unsure about how to make this happen. What we have done is set out practical steps on how they can make integration happen that all councils can learn from.

Vitally, we recommend that integration begin at a neighbourhood level. By starting small, councils can take risks with smaller services and learn quickly what works. But equally, by starting at a very local level, communities can be involved in integration from the very beginning and see the visible benefits of integration, which could greatly increase their engagement.”

Publication Date: 17 September 2014
ISBN: 978-1-909781-04-7
Authored by: Laura Wilkes