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Large infrastructure projects are proving to be extremely challenging politically. All large infrastructure projects are – by their nature – disruptive. And there will often be winners and losers. But without investing in future grand infrastructure design and delivery, the UK potentially risks losing the reputation for being a country that leads the world in civil engineering, our economic competitive advantage and the ability to generate continued wealth creation.

Politics is moving further and further towards devolution. As we do so, does the importance of local decision making and empowerment mean that we will lose our ability as a nation to sign up to national projects due to competing pressures? If not, how can we ensure that those who feel they lose out from the effects of national infrastructure projects be compensated and retain a sense of empowerment of place. The key question is “how do we as a country balance local decision making against national need”.

Keynote Speaker: Lord Heseltine

Response speakers:
Lord Adonis
Judith Armitt, Chief Executive, Local Partnerships
Alexandra Runswick, Director, Unlock Democracy
David Tonkin, Chief Executive Officer, Atkins

The debate will be followed by a drinks reception.