Where now for English Devolution?

NLGN is holding a public debate following the Scottish referendum on what the effect of this electrifying debate should be on devolution in England. Although the options are wide and complicated we are starting by asking the question of whether there should be an English Parliament or further local devolution.

Regional Assemblies and Local Mayors have frequently been rejected by voters so is an English Parliament the answer? Alternatively, the Welsh and Scottish experience is that a national parliament has moved powers further away from local government – at a time when more and more important decision making has to be made locally.

Join us to quiz supporters from both sides on what the future of English devolution holds.


For an English Parliament

John Redwood MP

Eddie Bone
Campaign for an English Parliament

For Local Government

Cllr Sir Richard Leese
Leader, Manchester City Council
Cllr Ruth Dombey
Leader, London Borough of Sutton