NLGN Roundtable

Closing The Productivity Gap: Local solutions to a national problem

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The UK’s low productivity is a national challenge. It is 20% below the average for the G7, falling below all but Japan and by quite a significant margin. Since the financial crisis and recession in 2008, economic growth has managed to recover but productivity remains stubbornly low by international comparison.

As devolution progresses it is becoming apparent that many of the levers of increased productivity lie in the hands of local government. Investment in skills, new growth areas, and infrastructure are key tools in boosting productivity and are now at the disposal of local authorities. Indeed, some of the deals have been specifically designed to boost productivity.

What levers to impact on productive growth already lie in the hands of local government, and how can devolution boost this further? Can we identify gaps in the national approach where local areas can do better if given the powers? This roundtable will identify how productivity is already being driven locally and seek to draw up a practical framework to make that happen.