NLGN Roundtable

Devolution in Practice: Making it work

In association with Weightmans:

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Devolution is happening. The bids have been submitted and new deals are continuously being struck in a process that shows no signs of slowing down. Cornwall, Manchester, Sheffield, the North East, and Tees Valley are already forging ahead with their newly granted powers. What remains more ambiguous is the practical side of this process. How will we make it work?

Manchester is obviously a blueprint many areas will look to emulate, but there is evidence to suggest that Manchester could be an outlier, with coherent geography and years of trust already built up between senior figures before the granting of a devolution deal. Questions on the capabilities of other local authorities to adapt to this rapidly developing process and successfully embrace their new powers still remain.

We are delighted to announce that Tony Lloyd, the Interim Mayor of Greater Manchester will speak at this roundtable to open the discussion and share his thoughts on the topic.

At this high level roundtable we will discuss how areas can make devolution work for them and consider the relationships, the partnerships and the powers. We will explore questions such as: How will devolution work alongside existing council structures? Will new leadership structures need to be created? And what will be the effect of new mayors for areas which are offered them?