Labour Party Conference

Driving Growth, Sharing Success: Creating more cooperative local economies

In association with:

Cooperative Party

As austerity continues to bite, local government has to worry about its role in creating local growth more than ever before. Not just whether it is able to promote growth, but how to create the right kind of sustainable growth.

NLGN are holding a panel discussion at Labour Party Conference to discuss the promotion of inclusive growth in local government.

Councils need to ensure they are creating prosperity to reduce the pressure on the public sector. But not every rising tide raises all boats. An inclusive and sustainable approach to growth is essential to ensure everyone in a locality can support themselves, their families and also contribute to the common good of their communities.

An inclusive approach looks much a like a cooperative one and there are many aspects of cooperative thinking which can support and promote local economic resilience. At this panel discussion, in association with the Cooperative Party, we will consider what aspects of a cooperative approach to place and the economy can feed into creating inclusive growth in local communities.

Questions we will consider include:

  • How are cooperative councils currently approaching growth in their areas and what has worked well so far?
  • How can councils encourage the emergence of more social enterprises, cooperative and mutuals as part of their growth strategy?
  • Who do councils need to work with and engage to drive inclusive growth – local business, social enterprises and FE colleges?
  • What role can the skills agenda play in creating economically resilient places?
Confirmed speakers include:

Steve Reed MP
Shadow Minister for Communities and Local Government
Stella Creasy
MP for Walthamstow
Cllr Chris Penberthy
Leader of Plymouth City Council
Ed Mayo
Secretary General of Co-ops UK
Karin Christiansen
General Secretary of the Co-operative Party
Simon Parker
Director, NLGN

This event is free to attend and lunch will be included.