Research Workshop

Future of the Fire and Rescue Service


There is hotly contested debate over how to practically and sustainably ensure the viability of fire and rescue services for the future. This workshop will model and test some of the most prominent pathways for FRS reform and will help to build a shared agenda across the FRS sector that includes stakeholders from all sides of the debate.

Key issues for discussion will include:

  • What are the key pathways for FRS reform – what should the balance be between economies of scale, sharing or merging services, new forms of commissioning and service integration with local authorities or other blue light providers?
  • What kinds of fire services are likely to emerge as a result of these pathways to change?
  • Can this kind of reform be undertaken within the existing fire governance framework and, if not, how must that framework be amended to allow radical change?
This workshop presents an exciting opportunity to explore multiple new delivery models with a broad mix of local authority representatives, fire officers, emergency services providers and social care workers.

The discussions that take place at the workshop will feed directly into a report, which will be published in July 2015.