General Election 2015: What Next?

Just as the dust begins to settle on one of the tightest general elections in years NLGN will hold an event to consider what ramifications the result of the upcoming general election will have for local government.

In the UK the days of large landslides in elections appear to be behind us. Now we have numerous combinations of colours, values and policies that could possibly make up the next government. NLGN aren’t about to guess the outcome, but we are very interested in what the eventual outcome could mean, particularly for local government.

By the 3rd of June we will know who has won and NLGN will be holding one of the first events dedicated to exploring the outcome of the closest general election for years. What consequences will be in store for local government? Radical change? Continuity? Or something completely different?

With a number of high profile commentators, this event promises to be a stimulating and insightful look into the future of local government post GE2015.

The event will be chaired Dame Jane Roberts (former leader of Camden) and speakers so far include:

Tony Travers, LSE
Simon Parker, NLGN
Mary Riddell, Columnist, The Telegraph
Henry Hill, Assistant Editor, Conservative Home