Conservative Party Conference

Protecting, nurturing, growing: Exploring the role of charities and local authorities in supporting parenting

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Action for Children

Parents are the biggest single factor in determining their children’s future life chances. Their actions and abilities make a huge contribution to their child’s crucial early development. From providing emotional warmth, to healthy meals to play. But with the increasing insecurity of modern life, how can we support people to be the best parents they can be?

At this roundtable we will explore the role of the voluntary sector, communities and local authorities in supporting struggling parents as early as possible and preventing problems from developing, such as child neglect. We will further consider the potential for breaking intergenerational disadvantage and improving social mobility.

We shall be joined by Carey Oppenheim, Chief Executive of the Early Intervention Foundation and Jan Leightley, Managing Director of Action for Children, and in our discussion shall address the following questions:

  • Where does responsibility lie for helping struggling parents and how can they best be supported?
  • Who is best placed to direct resources in local communities? The voluntary sector, local authorities or other community groups?
  • How can local agencies make support to parents accessible and end the stigma of struggling parents seeking help?