Press Release

Chancellor fails to address growing crisis in health and social care
23 November, 2016

Adam Lent, Director of NLGN said:

On health and social care funding

“Today’s Autumn Statement has again failed to address the deepening health and social care crisis.

“While we welcome the increase in the living wage, this pushes up the cost of delivering the care that is needed, putting increasing strain on local authorities who have already seen their budgets slashed.

“Providers are already pulling out of the social care market due to the system being unsustainable. Deferring any major efforts to respond to rising longevity until potentially after 2020 as was indicated today, only serves to highlight his refusal to acknowledge the scale of the problem.

“The Chancellor has committed an extra £1bn of investment from efficiency savings, and we hope that health and social care will be a high priority for this funding.”

On devolution and infrastructure

“We are pleased to hear that the Chancellor has signalled his commitment to the devolution agenda. While there is increased national funding for productivity, we hope that we will see a continuing commitment to the devolution of powers and decisions over the funding as part of the Industrial Strategy.

“For devolution to have its greatest impact, local authorities need to have the power and autonomy to make their own decisions over a wide range of skills, employment support and economic development. Only an enhanced commitment to devolution will ensure local economies are competitive in a global world.”

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