NLGN Roundtable

Could a Robot Run a Council? How technology is transforming the workforce

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Technological innovation brings new opportunities. As demonstrated by early adopters of robotics process automation (RPA), technological innovation can dramatically improve employee satisfaction. By working side-by-side with robots, workers are released from monotonous tasks such as data entry. Through the implementation of this simple and non-invasive technology, employees are able to carry out more rewarding roles. Ultimately, these technological advances can produce better outcomes. They can increase workplace productivity; improve accuracy levels; cut costs; and lead to the creation of better services.

At this roundtable, NLGN will investigate how new processes are being implemented and what benefits these technological advances will bring. Questions we will discuss include:

  • What tasks can RPA perform that will lead to increased employee satisfaction?
  • How are technological innovations changing the way councils can provide services?
  • What are the current obstacles preventing councils and workers from adopting new technological advances?
This event is free to attend and lunch will be provided along with the opportunity to network with other leading figures in this field.