Court Style Event

Devolution on Trial: Will it deliver on its many promises?

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PA Consulting

This innovative new event examines devolution in a different way: by putting it on trial! We will be setting up a “courtroom” style event to closely examine and cross examine the intentions and expectations of devolution and whether these will be delivered upon.

We expect this event to be extremely popular so register early. If you would like to attend, please email

Throughout the UK landmark devolution deals are underway. First the Northern Powerhouse and now the Midlands Engine are flexing their new found muscles, with the North East, Cornwall and other localities likewise progressing their local plans for growth. It’s clear that the government’s goal of reversing decades of centralisation is becoming a reality.

However, this is an unsure journey with potential for stumbling blocks as the agenda progresses. Have places been ambitious enough in their bids? Will devolution reinvigorate local democracy? Is boosted economic growth on its way to newly devolved areas despite the cuts in their budgets? Or will devolution turn out to be an unsubstantial disappointment?

In this innovative new event format we would like to forgo conventional discussion regarding devolution and look at it through the trial process. There will be both a “prosecution” and “defence” arguing their case and calling expert witnesses and you – the jury – will be the final arbiter.

The trial will explore such questions as:

  • Is increased economic growth certain for devolved areas? If not, what do they gain?
  • What will devolution mean to Counties and Districts under the two tier system, with so much emphasis being put on City Regions?
  • Has the speed of the devolution deal process left the people out of the process? Has the practical, ground-level implementation been given sufficient consideration?
  • Will Metro Mayors provide proper levels of accountability? How will these be scrutinised?
  • Will devolution reduce or heighten regional inequality?