Devolution on Trial
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In the spring of 2016, NLGN and PA Consulting held an event with a new and unique format… we put devolution ‘on trial’. The event was designed to interrogate the current round of devolution
deals and investigate if they are able to deliver all that they promise. With witnesses for the ‘prosecution’ and for the ‘defence’ and a judge played by myself, the audience were the jury.

So the question that was on trial was not “Should we or should we not devolve?” but “Is this the right kind of devolution, done in the right way, at the right time?”

In this report you will see the arguments our witnesses outlined both for and against the current programme of devolution – setting out its strengths and its weaknesses. No one in this debate has the monopoly on wisdom and all arguments have something to say. Our jury had a tough decision to make.

Publication Date: 17 June 2016
Authored by: Edited by Emma Burnell




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