Press Release

NLGN’s response to the social care crisis
15 December, 2016

Responding to the Government’s announcements on funding for social care, Adam Lent, NLGN Director said:

“The proposed 6% rise over two years to the precept on council tax is utterly insufficient to mitigate the increasing demands on services due to an ageing population and rising costs from the increase in the national living wage. While funding is needed immediately, this is in no way sufficient. The social care precept will raise inconsistent amounts across the country and will not necessarily benefit the areas that need it most. A redirection of the new homes bonus is not new money and is again diverting existing funding within local government.

“It is concerning that the government is avoiding its responsibility to address the national crisis by passing the risk to local government. This crisis is a failure of prioritisation from the last twenty years of government, not the fault of local councils. We need to a longer term solution and leadership from the government to ensure sustainable funding of local care which will meet demand.”